BECOME AN AGENT: Earn a commission

Whitetracks Helicopters is the only company to offer shared helicopter airport transfers in the mountains in which we break down the whole helicopter cost into individual seat prices thus making a helicopter transfer less expensive for individuals, couples and small groups as long as we find other passengers to share (minimum 4 passengers).

If we can find people to share it brings the cost down dramatically – 2 passengers sharing with 2 or 3 others will nearly half the cost of the helicopter. We need help in getting as many people to know about it as possible because without the numbers we are not going to fill the helicopters.

As an agent you can earn 5-10% commission

In order to track referrals we are using a cookie based database system. As an agent you have access to the database to view traffic forwarded from your website. The database also allows you to see bookings that have resulted from your referrals.

The referral cookie is valid for 21 days so even if the client visits another agents website you will still be listed as the referrer. If that client then books a flight within the 21 day period then you will receive the commission. The amount of commission will vary depending on the flight booked and will only be payable if the flight goes ahead and is not cancelled i.e. Bad Weather.

If you require we can provide you with XML feeds....etc for individual resorts

Whitetracks Helicopters would like to work with you closely by providing you with all the information that you need or require and by helping you where necessary in order that both Whitetracks Helicopters and your company benefits from this opportunity.

Please Contact: Whitetracks Helicopters if you are interested in becoming an agent and selling shared helicopter airport transfers

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