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BAD WEATHER - Contingency Plan

Weather is often the most limiting factor with helicopter transfers to mountainous regions. Resort or airport weather conditions will dictate if a flight is possible or not. In the mountains, helicopters are only allowed to fly by Visual Flight Rules (VFR) this means they cannot fly in poor visibility or in bad weather.

When arriving at the airport, you may find that the weather is pleasant. Please understand that this does NOT mean that the weather is good in your chosen resort or vice versa. It could be beautiful sunshine with clear blue skies at the airport but in your chosen destination it could be snowing heavily. Weather in the mountains can be very localised!

If the helicopter can fly without risk to the passengers and pilot then the helicopter will fly. For reasons of safety, in the event of weather degradations, Whitetracks Helicopters reserves the right to cancel the flight before take-off.

In the case of cancellation due to bad weather conditions, Whitetracks Helicopters ensures a transfer service by car and chauffeur. The cost of this road transfer will be divided equally between the number of passengers that were due to travel by helicopter to resort, making the cost of the transfer very reasonable.

We understand that many may already have alternative options for example, a tour operator coach that you can jump on. If this is the case, please inform Whitetracks that you do not require this alternative transportation. If you choose to take the alternative transport Whitetracks will refund you the difference between the helicopter transfer cost and the cost of the road transfer minus any charges incurred by Whitetracks.

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