Helicopter Types - Eurocopter AS350 'Equreuil / Squirrel'

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Helicopter Types: Eurocopter AS350 'Squirrel'






The Eurocopter AS350 series - single engine, 5/6 passengers, ‘Ecureuil’ or ‘Squirrel’ – is Europe's highest acclaimed helicopter and the one that performs approximately 90% of all passenger flights across the French Alps. The 350's manoeuvrability and superior visibility means your journey will be as comfortable as it is productive. All seats in the passenger cabin face forward for optimum view of vision. The single engine AS350 Ecureuil is renowned for its high performance, its safety and its reduced operating costs and it also boasts a low vibration level so it is no wonder it is Europe’s most successful helicopter!




The AS350 B2 and the AS350 B3 are the ‘high performance’ versions of the range and both have a proven track record. AS350 helicopters are suited for operations in conditions such as mountainous areas or hot countries. Their flexibility and low acquisition cost have made them very sought after helicopters to perform a wide range of demanding missions, from passenger transport, aerial work, fire fighting and mountain rescue.


Eurocopter AS350 B2

The single engine AS350 B2, powered with a Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 engine of 732 shp (546kW) has a proven track record.

The AS350 B2 is equipped with an innovative, advanced, corrosion-free Starflex rotor and main and tail rotor blades which are made entirely of composite materials. In addition, these composite components are very reliable: The main rotor blades, for example, have a service life of up to 20,000 hours. The cabin is made of high-impact thermoplastic double fuselage and an extremely resistant light alloy frame. The Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 turbine combines high performance, low fuel consumption and very easy maintenance. The use of modular elements makes it possible to replace mechanical sub-units directly in the field.

The AS350 B2 shares common cockpit features with other members of the Ecureuil family: It has, for example, a new control panel console technology also used by the EC130 B4, with new circuit breakers replacing former fuses, as well as a new instrument panel identical to that of the AS350 B3, including a Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD) and integrated instrumentation, which enables pilots to see at a glance the main vehicle and engine parameters on a dual LCD screen.

The Ecureuil has a surprisingly roomy, unobstructed cabin with a flat floor, which allows it to carry six persons or up to three cubic meters of freight. Three baggage compartments offer an additional cubic meter of space. Large access doors facilitate the loading and unloading of awkward objects.

Thanks to its extremely low vibration levels, the Ecureuil is an excellent choice for aerial photography, cinema or television missions. Offering multiple cabin configurations and interior finish options, the Ecureuil can be easily adapted to any type of journey. When refinement, comfort and aesthetics are determining factors, the Ecureuil can be fitted with top-quality amenities and additional soundproofing.


Eurocopter AS350 B3

The high performance, powerful AS350 B3 is designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions: from very hot to very high and everything in between. Its exceptional lifting power, high endurance, extended range and fast cruise speed make virtually any job looks easy. The AS350 B3 can climb to 3,000 meters in 2 minutes 21 seconds and has more than proved its power with a record breaking landing on Mount Everest.

The AS350 B3 has so many proven technologies, it practically knows what you need to accomplish before you do. The Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) automates the start-up sequence and optimises engine performance to suit outside conditions. Result? Improved reliability, lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance. The ergonomic cockpit features a 3-axis auto-pilot and dual LCD-screen Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD). All these technologies go a long way to reducing pilot fatigue and enhancing safety. The use of composite materials for airframe, rotors and main rotor head combine to give the AS350 B3 the best protection against corrosion.

The proven AC350 B3 carries the latest flying technologies and can also be equipped with a wide range of certified optional law enforcement equipment. Police forces in 18 States across the world already employ the AS350 B3. It is capable of high-speed pursuits and offers excellent manoeuvrability making this a smooth flight for all on board.

Eurocopter AS350 Passenger Hold  PASSENGER HOLD / PASSENGER CABIN
5/6 passengers

All seats face forward allowing good visibility. 4 passenger seats in a row in the back, 1 or 2 passenger seats in the front. When seating configuration is set to carry 6 passengers the single front seat is replaced with a bench seat for 2. When at full passenger capacity (6 pax) there is a strict weight limit on the front bench seat of 150kg (approx. 23st).
Comfort or Prestige

Initially it is the same aircraft so the build and the seating layout will be the same in both. The most visible difference is what you will be sat on. Prestige VIP models will have leather or suede seats whereas, in comfort models the seats will be made of cloth.
The only other real differences are; Prestige models may have a carpeted floor giving it an overall smarter appearence and feel when sat inside the passenger cabin. The Comfort model will almost certainly have a plastic floor, occasionally covered by rubber matting allowing ski boots to be worn, this basically gives the comfort model that rougher appearance and feel when inside the cabin.





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