Helicopter Types - Agusta 109

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Helicopter Types: Agusta 109

The A109 is a highly versatile aircraft that offers the optimum level of benefits for commercial, government and military markets, combining highest levels of performance with cost-effectiveness to complement this.




The A109's flexibility allows it to perform executive transport with stylish elegance, offshore and emergency medical services or conduct surveillance and patrol missions for police forces. In addition, the A109 serves a variety of missions for military forces and it easy to see why when you consider it’s countless qualities.

The A109 is valued by operators and pilots alike for its outstanding performance, reliability and ease of maintenance combined with mission flexibility, high speed and productivity. It is single pilot IFR certified and can perform Category “A” take-offs from elevated helipads without any payload reduction, while complying with the European regulations relating to Class 1 performance helicopters.

The A109 can be equipped with either Pratt & Whitney or Turbomeca engines controlled by a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system. Pilot workload is reduced by way of a digital glass cockpit with six liquid crystal instrument displays.


Agusta 109 Passenger hold  AGUSTA 109
6/7 passengers

Seats in the passenger hold/cabin are in a 3 passenger - 3 passenger facing each other configuration. There is a single passenger seat in the cockpit for the 7th passenger or 2nd pilot.

Please note: Due to altitude maximum capacity is dependent on passenger weights and destination.



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