Helicopter Types - Eurocopter Dauphin AS365

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Helicopter Types: Eurocopter Dauphin AS365

The twin engine AS365 is renowned all over by pilots and corporate flyers alike for its versatility and high performance. It is highly regarded for its versatility and high performance. With well proven technology and a fleet family that has logged millions of flight hours; the Dauphin is one of the safest helicopters in its class.




Thanks to its 2 new FADEC controlled Turbomeca Arriel 2C engines; this helicopter can carry up to 8 passengers to provide a comfortable yet luxurious flight, compensating nothing for the benefit of another.

It offers impressive speed and range capabilities and its advanced Starflex main rotor and distinctive low-noise Fenestron produce high manoeuvrability with outstanding comfort. The spacious interior, enhanced by the large panoramic windows with unique high quality and functional fittings make it the ideal helicopter for a corporate of VIP role.

Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin Passenger Hold  EUROCOPTER AS365 DAUPHIN
6/8 passengers

Seats in the passenger hold/cabin are in a 4 passenger - 2/4 passenger facing each other configuration. The 2nd seat in the cockpit is for the 2nd pilot.

Please note: Due to altitude maximum capacity is dependent on passenger weights and destination.


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