Helicopter Types - Eurocopter EC135

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Helicopter Types - Eurocopter EC135






The twin-engined EC135’s high endurance and extended range allow operators to meet any mission requirement. It can carry more payloads over longer distances than any twin-engine aircraft in its class, and offers excellent OEI performance even in hot climatic conditions and at high altitudes. The EC135, featuring Eurocopter’s latest technological developments such as an advanced cockpit design, modern avionics, the Fenestron® anti-torque device and a bearing less main rotor system, provides outstanding performance and manoeuvrability.




Quiet and cheaper to operate than any other twin-engine helicopter in its class, the aircraft is also equipped with safety equipment such as energy-absorbing fuselage and passenger and crew seats, along with crash-resistant fuel cells.

EC135 passengers enjoy an exceptionally fast, smooth ride, thanks to its bearing less main rotor and innovative Fenestron® tail rotor system. The EC135’s high set main rotor and the shrouded tail rotor enhance safety for passengers and ground crews. The oversized side-sliding doors enable passengers to easily board and exit. In addition, the helicopter’s rear clamshell doors make luggage storage simple.

The EC135 offers comfortable, classic surroundings. Genuine materials such as real wood and leather combined with highly accurate production methods ensure a lightweight interior that maximizes the helicopter’s range. The elegant interior design with stylish seats and cabinets creates an exclusive ambience. This configuration can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers plus a pilot, providing ample legroom space. Roomy, leather-upholstered seats are standard and make this an ultra-chic and comfortable flight experience. The EC135 also offers unsurpassed external visibility during flights so passengers can sit back and soak up the extraordinary view. And with its low noise and vibration levels, making the atmosphere even more ideal.

Eurocopter EC135 Passenger Hold  EUROCOPTER EC135
5/6 passengers

Seats in the passenger hold/cabin are in a 2 passenger - 2/3 passenger facing each other configuration. There is a single passenger seat in the cockpit for the 5th or 6th passenger depending on the total capacilty of the particular helicopter.

Please note: Due to altitude maximum capacity is dependent on passenger weights and destination.


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