Helicopter Types - Eurocopter EC155

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Helicopter Types: Eurocopter EC155 'Dauphin'

This Eurocopter EC155 'Dauphin' twin engine aircraft offers the ultimate in comfort, performance and speed in the corporate market. It boats a spacious cabin which can seat 6 VIPs in this luxurious aircraft. Renown as being a fantastic twin engine high performance helicopter that integrates the most advanced and proven technologies.




The two FADEC equipped Turbomeca Arriel 2E2 engines enable the fastest cruising speed in its caste. The state of the art digital avionics and four-axis autopilot considerably reduce pilot workload thus enhancing safety.

The spacious cabin accommodating 2 pilots and luxury VIP interior place it with the largest in its category. Passengers will appreciate the panoramic view and the feeling of a wide open space. The large baggage compartment, accessible from both sides, allows quick and easy loading of bulky baggage.

The unparalleled low external noise signature and vibration free ride ensure the highest level of comfort equal to that of a business jet making your flight one of the most comfortable and efficient missions available.

Eurocopter EC155 Dauphin Passenger Hold  EUROCOPTER EC155 DAUPHIN
6/7 or 8 passengers

Seats in the passenger hold/cabin are in a 4 passenger - 2/3 or 4 passenger facing each other configuration. The 2nd seat in the cockpit is for the 2nd pilot.

Please note: Due to altitude maximum capacity is dependent on passenger weights and destination.


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