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Helicopter Airport Transfers - Picture: Aerial View of Geneva Airport main runway from Helicopter when flying over it to get to the mountains - Geneva Contrin International Airport

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Only one, two or three of you? Why don't you save money on a private helicopter by sharing with other people? Shared helicopter airport transfers to and from all the ski resorts across the French Alps, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. - INFORMATION | LISTINGS

Helicopter Airport Transfers Switzerland

There are many variables concerned with your arrival at the airport. Firstly operations are dependent on whether you are arriving by Private Jet, Chartered or Scheduled flights!

Whitetracks Helicopters know the importance of time and to help you utilise this precious time on your holiday we highly recommend the assistance of a helicopter to maximise your opportunities. Whitetracks can arrange for you to arrive at your destination in true style. Your helicopter will be waiting for your arrival at your chosen Swiss airport and will whisk you off to your chosen Swiss resort where there will be transport waiting to drive you the short distance to your luxurious hotel or chalet giving you more time to relax and enjoy the wonderful facilities or perhaps even a few hours skiing before the ski lifts close for the evening.

A helicopter transfer not only saves you a considerable amount of time that you would have otherwise lost in driving hours or possibly even more hours sitting in those hectic transfer day traffic jams. A helicopter transfer also provides an exciting and pictorial 'sightseeing trip' … Imagine the stunning views of the Swiss Alps from the air a truly amazing, thrilling and exhilarating panoramic birds eye view of the mountains as you are whisked at over 200km/h to your chosen destination. A breathtaking experience guaranteed and quite clearly the perfect start or finale to a perfect ski holiday.

Whitetracks Helicopters organises helicopter transfers to and from your chosen ski resort and all the servicing airports Geneva, Zurich, Sion, Bern-Belp, Basel, St-Gallen Alternrhein... in single engine or twin engine, basic or luxurious helicopters.

Whitetracks Helicopters experience and longstanding relationships with numerous Swiss helicopter companies ensures competitive quotes and will often ensure availability not possible when dealing with other helicopter transfer companies.

Carriage for any excess luggage will be arranged as will a vehicle that will be waiting upon your arrival at your resort helipad ready to swiftly take you to the front door of your chosen ski chalet, chalet hotel, apartment or hotel.

Whitetracks Helicopters can quote you for any helicopter transfer from every airport within Switzerland or an airport outside Switzerland where the final destination is Switzerland.

Whitetracks Helicopters can also quote on different types of helicopter - Single Engines, Twin Engines, Basic or Luxurious..... Types of Helicopter

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