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Helicopter Types - Helicopters parked include: Bell 206, Bell 407, Eurocopter AS350, Eurocopter AS355, Robinson R22 and Robinson R44

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Types of Helicopter - Swiss Helicopters Overview

Whitetracks Helicopters have access to the largest fleet of passenger carrying aircraft across Switzerland. We manage this by working with every helicopter company based in and around the Switzerland area.

By working with everyone it means Whitetracks Helicopters can provide the widest range of different types of helicopter; small and large, single engine and twin engine, comfort and prestige VIP models. It also means we know who has closest (meaning the least amount of distance to travel in order to collect you) for the helicopter of the type you require in order to be able to give you the best price possible for the particular transfer that you, the client have requested.

Listed above are the types, makes and models of helicopter that are available at Whitetracks Helicopters disposal. They are all located at various resorts, towns, cities and airports throughout Switzerland. Please run your mouse cursor over the helicopter name types for a picture of the helicopter to appear and then click on the link for further information about that particular helicopter.

Please note without prior and special permission Swiss helicopters are not allowed to fly internal French flights i.e. French airports to French ski resorts and vice versa French helicopters are not allowed to fly internal Swiss flights. However, they are allowed to fly from one country to another. A prime example of this would be Geneva Contrin International airport in Switzerland, which is a major gateway not only to Switzerland but also to the French Alps.

Examples of country to country flights would include; Chambery airport to Verbier, French airport to Swiss ski resort or St Moritz to Courchevel - Swiss ski resort to French ski resort. When a helicopter crosses country borders it maybe necessary for the helicopter to briefly stop somewhere for customs on the way to the final destination.

Whitetracks Helicopters will find you the least expensive helicopter for your required transfer whether you are looking for the smallest, most basic type of helicopter or the biggest most luxurious type of helicopter. Due to the way we operate Whitetracks Helicopters will be able to provide you all the available options.



Engines: Single or Twin

Interior: Comfort or Prestige VIP

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